A Great Hunger

As Ireland’s Great Hunger engulfs the Black Valley, newly wed teenagers Mary Gleeson and Martin Kilmartin fight poverty, oppression and an indifferent nature to save themselves and their new born child. A stirring and challenging adaptation of Liam O’Flaherty’s classic Irish novel, Famine (1937). 

  • Written by

    Kelly Campbell

    Michael McDonough

    Revisions by Paul Welsh

  • Directed by

    Peter Mackie Burns (Daphne, Rialto)

  • Produced by

    Paul Welsh

    Katie Holly

  • Co-producers

    Edge City Films (Glasgow)

    Keeper Pictures (Dublin)

  • Financed by

    Screen Scotland (Development)

    Irish Film Board (Development)

    SFTN (Development)

  • "Mary Kilmartin (the heroine) has been singled out by two generations of critics as one of the great creations of modern literature. And so she is." John Broderick, Irish Times


    Based on Liam O'Flaherty's "Famine" (Merlin Press)