Last Woman In Europe

Moving between London, Paris and the Isle of Jura in the late 1940’s, Last Woman In Europe explores George Orwell’s relationship with Sonia Brownell, and how this friendship influenced the writing of his masterpiece 1984.


Working in a remote farmhouse on the west coast of Scotland, Orwell was driven by a passionate desire to undermine the enemies of democracy and make plain the dangers of dictatorship, surveillance, doublethink and censorship.


But all the time – as his health steeply declined – Orwell could never escape the actual or imagined presence of Sonia Brownell, and their turbulent and disturbing parallel love lives.


As Orwell struggles to deliver his dystopian warning to the world before time runs out, Sonia and everything she represents to Orwell, begins to shape his legacy more deeply and profoundly than anyone else could have imagined.

  • Written by

    Norman Bissell

    Paul Welsh

  • Produced by

    Paul Welsh

  • Financed by

    Screen Scotland

    DigiCult Ltd

  • The screenplay that inspired Norman Bissell's novelisation "Barnhill" (Luath Press, 2019)